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Hello Everyone!

Welcome! I help dog owners who live in Milton and the surrounding area ensure that their dog(s) are supervised, exercised and socialized.

As the name of my  business indicates, the inspiration for my business is my dog Blue.   He was my first dog.  Anyone who has ever raised a puppy knows that it is a big commitment and can be trying at times.  I was prepared and heeded the warning from friends and family that a dog would change my life and he did.  What I was not prepared for, was the amount of time we spent walking the dog.  Blue was more enjoyable to be around after a long walk!

We would walk frequently at the Milton Recreational Fields. Blue socialized with other dogs and this tired him out even more than walking alone.  He loved to run and play with his friends.  Sometimes he would not know how to play appropriately and this occasionally caused some problems.  It was apparent that if I wanted a 

healthy, well balanced dog who could be off leash then I needed to do more intense training with Blue.  Since he was my 1st dog I needed to learn how to train him.   I started to learn more about dog behavior and communication.  Blue and I worked hard on impulse control, recall and basic obedience such as sit, stay, not jumping, “Leave It!”, etc….and once we had some of the basics down, he was able to have more freedom. It was amazing how happy Blue was when he was allowed to just be a dog. 

Once I learned about about dog behavior and communication including the instinct to travel in a pack, I knew that this was something that I would be happy doing!   Now I have my own pack walking business and I could not be happier!  I am out in nature with the dogs everyday!  I love to see them enjoying each other… playing and running in a pack and just being a dog!

Kristin Gretkowski

Client Reviews

My dog, Zoe, is in love with Blue and Kristin. I live in a condominium which does not allow off-leash activity, so I signed up with Blue's Treks. What I got was a better socialized (loves playing with other dogs), better trained (cares about doing what I ask) and a very tired dog (allows me to organize my day). I always get a picture or video from a trek which brightens my day and I often send them on to family. Kristin has always been supportive and friendly, a good person to have in my dog family.
Dorothy Grazier
Kristin, has been doing pack walks with our dog Tucker for a few months now. Tucker absolutely loves them. Every week when he knows Kristin is coming he literally waits at the window for her to show up. Kristin always brings us back a happy, tired pup! We know that our dog is in great hands with Kristin and we would recommend her to anyone!
Kylie Castrucci Viens
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